Getting Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Getting Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom teeth are the molars that appear at the very back of the mouth. They are usually the last teeth to erupt, and they appear when an individual is between the ages of 17 and 25 years. Some people do not have wisdom teeth, but most have between one and four. 


Most people experience difficulties as a tooth tries to push its way out to limited space. Without room for the tooth to grow, it becomes impacted. Removing the wisdom teeth helps ensure that they do not damage the surrounding bone, teeth, and tissue.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery


An oral surgeon or a dentist can remove wisdom teeth since this is a surgical procedure. The dentist will usually recommend the procedure if X-rays and an oral exam determine the need for the removal. In addition, the surgery aims to prevent future dental problems. 


The dental surgeon cuts into the gum to remove the tooth wholly or in pieces. The patient will need sedation during the procedure. The sedation will differ based on the complexity of the procedure or the number of teeth the surgeon will need to remove.


Best Age to Remove Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom tooth extraction can be done at any age, but it is recommended before age 20. This is because the surgery will be easier when performed earlier than at a later age. The reason for this is that the roots are not fully formed at a younger age. 


This makes wisdom teeth removal easier and the healing process much faster. However, as people age, teeth roots become longer, and they are more curved. This makes tooth extraction more difficult, but it is not impossible. 


Purpose of Wisdom Tooth Surgery


During routine dental appointments, the dentist will monitor the development of the wisdom teeth using dental X-rays. If the teeth have become impacted, the dentist will discuss removal. Wisdom tooth removal is a good option if the teeth are likely to cause problems such as damage to surrounding teeth. 


You could also avoid other potential problems, including tooth decay, infection, bone loss, tooth loss, and periodontal disease. The dentist may suggest removal of the wisdom teeth even if you are not currently experiencing any symptoms.


Preparing for the Surgery


If you decide to get wisdom teeth surgery, it is vital to prepare for it. Talk to the dental surgeon about any concerns that you may have. The dentist will tell you what to do in the days before and after the surgery. You can also find out what to eat and drink before and after. 


The instructions may vary from one patient to the next. You will be informed about how the anesthesia will be used and how you will feel after the procedure. The cost of surgery will depend on the number of teeth requiring extraction and the level of impaction. 


Potential Risks of Surgery


It is important to understand potential risks associated with wisdom teeth surgery. Some complications of the surgery include irritated nerves, infection and sinus problems. You may also experience a dry socket. This painful condition may occur if a blood clot becomes dislodged from the site exposing nerves and bone underneath. 


Before you get wisdom teeth surgery, inform the dentist about any medications that you may be taking. The risk of bleeding complications may increase with some medications.


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