Things You Should Know About Invisalign

Things You Should Know About Invisalign

Many people who want a straighter smile with less fuss are choosing Invisalign, but before you get started, there are some elements of the treatment that you should be aware of. Here are some of the key things that you should know about Invisalign.


Invisalign aligners are custom designed

Unlike some other over-the-counter clear aligner solutions, every single Invisalign aligner is bespoke, created specifically for your mouth and teeth and to represent a certain stage in your treatment. This means that they must be worn in the correct order to work properly.


You’ll need to be committed

Invisalign is a very simple and effective solution for correcting the alignment of teeth and your bite, but only if you wear them exactly as directed. This means keeping them in for the prescribed minimum of 22 hours per day and only taking them out for eating and cleaning. Not doing so can seriously mess with your treatment plan, putting it back weeks or disrupting it altogether.


You’ll still experience some discomfort

Granted, Invisalign doesn’t have metal brackets and wires that can be sharp and dig into the soft tissue of your mouth, but Invisalign will still cause a small degree of discomfort. This is because like conventional braces, they apply pressure to the teeth and jaw to move them into the right position – and this isn’t without a little discomfort. Most patients find that this eases after a couple of days, but the overall level of discomfort varies depending on the individual.


You may talk slightly differently too

Some patients find that the way in which they talk seems a little different when they are wearing their aligners. This isn’t anything to worry about and you should get used to it fairly quickly.


You’ll have to keep your aligners clean

It’s much easier to brush your teeth when you choose Invisalign, since you can simply remove your aligners to do so. However, you’ll have to keep your aligners clean too, and you’ll be given special instructions on the best way to do this, and to prevent them from becoming dirty and discolored.


Be prepared to brush your teeth on the go

We strongly recommend that you keep a toothbrush and toothpaste with you at all times. This is because brushing forms a huge part of successful Invisalign treatment. You need to remove your aligners to eat, but you also need to brush your teeth before you pop them back in to prevent any bacteria and sugars from the food you’ve eaten becoming trapped between your teeth and the aligners and causing decay.


Gum health is super important

Your Invisalign provider will be keen to hammer home the importance of flossing and keeping your gums as healthy as possible. This is because decay and gum disease can occur when you don’t remove all of the tiny particles of food from between your child’s teeth.


Invisalign could help to whiten your teeth

Although the main aim of Invisalign is to straighten your smile, it can also help whiten your teeth. This is because if you brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste, the Invisalign aligners will keep the chemicals on your teeth and prevent them from coming off when you drink. This gives them longer to work on lifting stains and improving the color of your smile.


There is no upper age limit

Many people are surprised to learn that there’s no upper age limit where Invisalign is concerned, and many older people decide to address alignment issues using Invisalign rather than conventional braces.


Treatment plans can vary depending on the individual

Every patient that we see is unique and their Invisalign treatment plans can vary depending on their needs. Some patients only require minimal adjustment to the position of their teeth and could complete their treatment in just a few months, whereas for others, a full 18 months of treatment could be needed to improve the position of their teeth and bite.


You’ll still need to wear a retainer after treatment

Retainers prevent your teeth from slipping back into their initial position, and you’ll need to wear them after your Invisalign treatment has finished too.



If you would like to learn more about Invisalign, or to find out if you are a good candidate for treatment, call Smile Institute Miami at 305-590-5228 to schedule an appointment.

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