Tooth Sensitivity: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Tooth Sensitivity: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Since the father of dentistry, Pierre Fauchard, published the influential book the Surgeon Dentist in 1723, dentistry has grown in leaps. His ideas were so revolutionary that the first dental school was opened in Baltimore about a year later. 

Despite advances in dental medicine, some conditions remain an issue. After all, just because people know does not mean they apply what they know. Tooth sensitivity is one common tooth issue that sometimes develops due to laxity in dental care. Tooth sensitivity causes pain when you eat or drink something hot or cold. 

Tooth Sensitivity, What Causes It?

Tooth sensitivity can occur due to several different factors. Some common ones are:

Aggressive Brushing

Brushing aggressively or using a harsh bristled toothbrush can wear down the enamel. When it does, it exposes the sensitive middle layer, the dentine, which reacts to extreme food temperatures. Hard brushing can also cause a gingival recession, exposing the sensitive parts of your teeth.

Gum Recession

Gums can also recede due to genetics, leading to feeble gum tissues. Recession may occur due to periodontal disease. Gum recession exposes your tooth roots that are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures.


If your teeth crack or chip, it exposes your dentine or even the pulp at the center. If you take something that is too hot or cold, you will feel the sharp pain and ache of sensitive teeth.

Teeth Whitening Products

Some tooth whitening home products can be harmful to your teeth. They are a leading cause of tooth sensitivity. To whiten your teeth, you must talk to your dentist.

Other Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

  • Teeth grinding.

  • Age - It is highest between 25 and 30 years.

  • Plaque buildup.

  • Mouthwash use.

  • Acidic foods.

  • Recent dental procedures like cleanings, fillings, or restoration procedures.  

Treatment of Tooth Sensitivity

Treatment of tooth sensitivity depends on the cause. Sometimes, tooth sensitivity will go away on its own even without treatment, especially after a dental procedure. If your sensitivity does not go away, it may be caused by a worn-out enamel layer. However, it is best to visit a dentist to help you rule out any other severe conditions that may be causing it. 

Preventing Tooth Sensitivity

You can take precautions to reduce the chances of developing tooth sensitivity. Here are some of the most successful ones:

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Keeping a regular brushing and flossing routine is vital in maintaining tooth health. Good habits and proper quality brushes will help maintain your teeth.

Watch Your Diet

Consuming foods with high acid content wears away your enamel faster than other foods. They may aggravate any existing sensitivity that you have.

Regular Dental Visits

Maintaining regular dental visits will help ensure your teeth are always healthy. Dentists will help you use the correct oral care products and take preventive measures. 

Desensitizing Toothpaste

You can use toothpaste that helps reduce tooth sensitivity. Regular use allows you to eat and drink without dealing with the pain. 

For more on the causes, treatment, and prevention of tooth sensitivity, visit Smile Institute Miami at our office in Miami, Florida. Call (305) 590-5228 to book an appointment today.

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