What Happens If You Don’t Remove Wisdom Teeth?

What Happens If You Don’t Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the molars at the back of the mouth. These teeth are the most likely to be removed due to growth issues. If they are healthy, positioned correctly, or fully erupted, wisdom teeth need not be removed.


A wisdom tooth may seem healthy and yet cause issues. It happens when it pushes against the nearby tooth.


Developing Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth are the third molars at the back of the teeth. Functionally, the teeth are not necessary; for some people, they do not even develop or emerge. When everything goes well, the teeth do not cause disruptions in the mouth.


In the worst-case scenario, wisdom teeth become stuck as they try to emerge from the jaw. They can damage or loosen the neighboring teeth if they emerge at the wrong angle.


Problems With Wisdom Teeth


If wisdom teeth fail to grow properly, they can cause oral problems. Emerging at an angle can cause jaw and dental issues. Some of the problems experienced include:


  • Teeth remaining concealed within the gums (impacted tooth)

  • Teeth that emerge partially through the gum, making them hard to clean

  • Wisdom teeth crowd the nearby teeth, causing damage to the teeth

Dentists often recommend the removal of wisdom teeth that fail to erupt or emerge fully. Most believe the best time to do it is while young before the bone and roots fully develop. Many people choose to pull their teeth before they cause problems.


When You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal


Dental practitioners recommend wisdom teeth removal if patients experience dental or oral health issues. These include:


  • Tooth pain

  • Damage to neighboring teeth

  • Oral cysts or fluid-filled sacs

  • Frequent infection of the tissue behind the last tooth

  • Oral tumors

  • Sinus issues

  • Extensive tooth decay

  • Gum disease

  • Jaw damage

The decision to extract wisdom teeth is not straightforward. The dentist will consider factors such as the patient’s oral health and tooth condition to determine the best option. The wisdom tooth does not have to be painful for a dentist to recommend removal.


What Happens If You Do Not Remove Wisdom Teeth?


Wisdom teeth removal is often a preventive treatment. The tooth may not be a source of pain, but if it is impacted, it can cause problems for the other teeth. If your mouth does not have space to accommodate the molar, it can push and damage the nearby teeth. Removing healthy molars can help prevent problems in the future. It is easier to remove them while young before the bones become too hard.


Preparing for Tooth Removal


To determine whether you need wisdom teeth removal, the dentist will check your mouth and assess the position of the teeth. An X-ray may be necessary to view below the gumline. Age is a crucial factor when deciding.


The dentist will explain what the results reveal. If the wisdom teeth are healthy, you may have time to decide. But you may require immediate removal if you have swelling, bad odor, and pain at the back of the teeth.


Wisdom teeth problems can begin long before the teeth are visible. A partial eruption can lead to issues such as gum swelling and a bad mouth taste. The best time to get wisdom teeth removal is before an infection.


To know what would happen if you do not remove wisdom teeth, call Smile Institute Miami at (305) 590-5228 to reach our Miami, Florida office. 

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