When Is the Right Time to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

When Is the Right Time to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Your teeth are vital for helping you eat, acquire essential nutrients, and stay healthy. Thus, it is crucial to take care of them. One way of doing that is by removing your wisdom teeth. Sometimes, they do not have space to grow, eventually causing problems. But how exactly can you tell when it is the right time to remove wisdom teeth?

Tooth Decay

It is often due to too much sugar and sugary drinks and not cleaning your teeth and gums after. It may not cause problems immediately, but you may experience some with time. These include the following:

  • Sensitivity of teeth.

  • Spots on your teeth. They may be brown, white, or black spots. 

  • Gum infection.

  • Dental abscesses.

  • Toothache.

Depending on the severity of the tooth decay, the doctor may recommend fluoride treatments or a root canal. Sometimes, the tooth is so bad it needs extraction.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

These may be partially or hidden within the gums. You may need to remove some of them if others cannot grow. Otherwise, you may be looking at the formation of dental abscesses or cysts due to infections.

Cysts can damage your tooth or bone support if the doctor does not perform an extraction. It is also better to remove your teeth at a younger age. As the teeth are yet to emerge, they can cause damage to bones and roots. The doctor can easily pull them out.

Partially Emerged Teeth

These are as problematic as impacted teeth. They become a magnet for bacteria by creating a passageway. It may lead to infections that can develop into gum disease. They hide food particles and cause bad breath. The best way to deal with them is to remove them. Once the doctor does so, the gum will need time to heal. Once it does, you will be rid of bad breath and abscesses.

Crowded Teeth

Sometimes, wisdom teeth do not have room to emerge properly. Consequently, they force their way out, damaging the surrounding teeth and crowding the mouth. Crowded teeth can harbor food particles and cause bad breath. They may also lead to more mouth bacteria, resulting in swollen gums, mouth abscesses, or tooth decay.

These illustrate why it is better to remove wisdom teeth instead of allowing complications. Sometimes, you may think that brushing your teeth with care will make a change. It is true, but it will likely not last. To be safe, remove the wisdom teeth.


Removing wisdom teeth may seem scary, but it is best to deal with these teeth before it is too late. The longer you delay, the more the roots establish themselves. It makes it more difficult to remove them later on when there are complications. These will start to eat into your jawbone. Your doctor may also need to cut the tooth into pieces so they can extract it. Hence, let your doctor remove it as soon as possible.

For more information on removing wisdom teeth, visit the Smile Institute Miami at our Miami, Florida office. Call (305) 590-5228 to schedule an appointment today.

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