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Rooth Canals Q&A

What is a root canal?

The root canal procedure is a minor dental operation that allows Dr. Ramjit to save your damaged, infected, or badly-decayed tooth. The alternative is extracting your tooth, which is why Dr. Ramjit prefers saving your tooth with a root canal.

The procedure involves Dr. Ramjit removing the decayed, damaged, or infected portion inside your tooth, called the pulp, then cleaning it out and filling it.

What would cause me to need a root canal?

Root canals become necessary when a tooth is damaged or receives trauma, affecting the pulp inside. This can happen from:

  • Infections leading to abscesses

  • Cavities that reach the pulp

  • Cracks that allow bacteria inside

  • Inflammation of the pulp

  • Repeated treatment of the same tooth

These problems can all lead to severe pain and other health problems. If caught in time, Dr. Ramjit can perform a root canal to remove the affected pulp and save your tooth.

What is the procedure for getting a root canal?

The root canal procedure begins with Dr. Ramjit examining your tooth to determine the problem and to see if a root canal is the best option. Dental X-rays follow, giving Dr. Ramjit a better idea of what exactly is causing your discomfort.

Once Dr. Ramjit decides a root canal is the only way to save your tooth and alleviate your pain, he uses a local anesthetic to numb the area. Next, he drills out the damaged pulp and cleans the area inside the tooth. He then disinfects it so he can fill the hole and seal it against bacteria, making sure infection won’t return and cause you more pain.

The entire procedure typically takes Dr. Ramjit under an hour. Once the anesthesia wears off, you may feel a tingling that turns into throbbing. Don’t worry, Dr. Ramjit speaks with you about pain management.
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