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At Smile Institute Miami, Ravi S. Ramjit, DDS heads a dental team that specializes in gentle, personalized oral care. They proudly serve the Miami and Kendall, Florida areas, leading the way in General Dentistry, Dental Surgery, and Dental Cosmetics.

Dr. Ramjit received his Bachelors of Science degree here at the University of Miami. He went on to get his doctoral degree in dentistry and dental surgery from the prestigious Howard University school of dentistry before returning to Miami to open the Smile Institute Miami.
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Ravi S. Ramjit, DDS

Patients of Ravi S. Ramjit, DDS smile both on their way into his Miami, Florida office and on their way out. At his practice, Smile Institute Miami, Dr. Ramjit offers patients a dental practice that is personable, committed, compassionate, and at the forefront of modern dentistry.

Dr. Ramjit received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami and his dental training at Howard University in Washington, D.C., where he received three awards of distinction in removable prosthodontics, restorative dentistry, and community dentistry.

A Miami-Dade native, Dr. Ramjit has volunteered at multiple community hospitals and in Kenya where his dental team provided care for children with special needs.

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My visit was Excellent , Samantha make my wife and I feel at home every time we had an appointment, nice office very friendly people Thanks.

Dieuseul J.

Dr. Ramjit was very professional and friendly. Took his time to explain everything and got down to the problem. I highly recommend him.

Crystal M.

The best dentist I ever been to... He's really talented, amazingly fast and efficient! He turned my fear of dentistry into a pleasant experience. I live 30 miles away and it's worth the drive!

Jason M.

Always the best service from the best Dentist and best staff bar none! Dr. Ramjit and his team makes the dential experience one to look forward to everytime. Never a long wait, best equipment, and cleanest office. I cant wait for my next cleaning appointment!

Zaheer M.

Great experience, everyone was friendly and professional. Everyone followed new Covid protocols which made me feel very assured. My visit was quick and painless.

Olga A.

Dr. Ramjit has the most gentle approach to dental care and is very compassionate. He takes the time to explain treatment plan and provide step by step process when working on your teeth. His staff is absolutely amazing!

Wanetta W.

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