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Smile Institute Miami Reviews

"Dr. Ramjit and his staff are awesome. I truly appreciate the care given to my mother over several visits to his office. He is professional, kind, and thoroughly explains what is being done and what to expect. He showed special attention and patience to someone who really needed it. Thank you :) I highly recommend this office for your dental needs"

Jacque E

"If you need a dentist or even if you have a dentist this is the best place to go to. The Smile Institue Miami has the best dentist Ravi S. Ramjit DDS and his wonderful staff will take care of all your dental needs. Please please ask and try his new laser treatments they work really great also ask about the 3D imaging. The cleanest office you will find with all new equipment. The rooms are great and your experience with you the team is fantastic. I LOVE THIS PLACE!"


"Dr. Ramjit is one of the most personable doctors I have ever had. The offices are beautiful with brand new equipment. He gave me the option to have work done rather than pushing for work to be done. I highly recommend."

Edward Corlett

"Dr. Ramjit is kind and caring, the first experience when I had an emergency root canal which he took me back and numbed the area prior to even getting my information. The root canal was absolutely painless. Yesterday he did 4 wisdom teeth extraction on a day the office was closed because I have a lot going on and that was the only day I could. That was also a painless experience and I was terrified, he even took me to the pharmacy, Publix to get soft food and home. Checked on me today on his day off. Never waited when I went to the appointments, the staff are all kind and wonderful. The office is clean and modern, I 100 percent recommend to any and everyone in need of a dentist."

Erik Wiley

"I went in to get yearly x-rays. There was a quick temperature check when I came in and was seen immediately. Dr. Ramjit reviewed and explained my X-rays and dental treatment process. He was able to offer guidance in resolving a tooth issue. Always a good experience."

Sharmila Bhagwandeen

"I have never had a bad experience with Dr. Ramjit or any member of his staff. From the front desk to the ladies (Hygienist and assistants) in the back. He's very personable and helps you relax through the visit."​​​​​​​

Gail Patterson

"I recommend the Smile Institute, it is very clean and even now with COVID, their protocols kept me confident that all health and safety guidelines were followed. Additionally, the doctor and his entire staff take great care to make you feel comfortable during any procedure."

Olgi Alonso

"Outstanding service. Dr. Ramjit and his team make you feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure. Almost completely painless. Highly recommended. Wouldn’t go elsewhere."

Hernando Salas

"I visited this place for a check-up and consultation for the first time. The front desk staff is very professional and friendly. Dr. Ramjit himself is very knowledgeable and informed me of all the conditions and the possible solutions and procedures. He provided me with care on the same day and scheduled a follow-up visit immediately with no hassle. I could not be happier with the care I received at this location. Highly recommended."​​​​​​​

Niam Yaraghi

"The staff are friendly and attentive. Dr. Ramjit and his assistant were very conscious of my comfort while still getting the job done. In addition, he took time to answer my questions and provide a recap of what was done in the visit."

Marlenne Cajina

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